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Spring 2016 Update

More About Jesus Prince of Peace
and Akiane Kramarik 

You probably already know that Akiane Kramarik painted the
resurrection painting of Jesus at age 8 ... 
But did you know ... there's more to the story!

The painting you see above is titled "The Prince of Peace", and is also known as the "Resurrection Painting of Jesus”. It is described in detail in Akiane's biography. This 21st century miracle was inspired by God and confirmed by Colon Burpo in "Heaven is for Real". The Shroud of Turin also shows the 2000 year old image of what many believe to be the face of Jesus. Akiane created this masterful portrait of Jesus when she was just 8 years old after many personal encounters with the risen Christ. She tells us Jesus inspired her to paint both Father Forgive Them (Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane) and Prince of Peace (Jesus Resurrected) to help people visualize His love and be able to relate to Him personally by seeing his face. Akiane's experiences and gifting are so unusual, that for over a decade she has been invited to share her heavenly experiences and inspired paintings globally. Akiane, now 21, often describes herself as a “Visionary Journalist” reporting with paint on canvas as to what she sees both here and in the spirit realms. Akiane loves to travel and has visited over 30 over countries and cultures around the world. Recently Akiane, and the Kramarik family of 7, returned to America after 2 years of touring Europe and Australia. There they enjoyed exploring the beauty and culture of “The Land Down Under” while Akiane continued to paint daily using smaller than usual canvases (more about that next month). True to her original calling at age 4, Akiane says: "If I have been gifted by God ... it is for one reason only ... to help others". Here's how we help others ...   Read more...

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